About me


Hello! My name is Bessie. I am from Hong Kong and living in North of England with my husband and a golden retriever. I gained the qualification of Personal Styling and Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion. I love fashion since I can’t remember how young I was!! however,  I remembered on my 4th years old birthday party, my mum put me on a colourful swimsuit and I love it, I think I start loving fashion since then, so I had a picture of myself wore a swimsuit to cut the birthday cake:))

I lived in London for 2 years, tried very hard to fulfil my dream of working in fashion and end up with 2 years working experience in cook shop department and a junior shoes production assistant. By living in london and trying to satisfy my  big dream in fashion is not as easy as I thought.

Therefore, I had started this fashion blog since 2012, doing my best to interact with a fantasy amazingly fashion world and to share my fashion and style knowledge with like minded people.

Hope you enjoy my blog!!

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me:))

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