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Grey is one of the biggest trend for Fall Winter 2014, from head to toe, while black and white are still the main stream of this season fashion. Therefore, considering the grey is the new black on the Fall runways from charcoal to slate, I would love to give the new trend a tried. This is my first pair of pretty woman kind of over the knee boots which I bought it from H&M recently, the only thing that I don’t like is that when I bend my leg the tightness of the boots pinch the back of my knee, other than that I love my new attempt of grey outfit from head to toe. What do you think?:))



Knitwear/ H&M trend/ Boots/ H&M trend

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Wear my favourite things often


Hat/ H&M/ Coat/ Zara (old)/ Jumper/ H&M/ Jeans/ Topshop (old)/ Heels/ Zara (old)

Happy girl in her outfit today. As I have mentioned on my previous posts that I like to recreate my wardrobe again and again. Because of having a fashion blog and keep buying new things to post everyday which is unrealistic to me. I usually would get small amount of quirky items and match my wardrobe. The party fur clutch is what I get recently, I bet you will see more of me using this clutch on my outfit posts.



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Normcore in autumn

Normcore in autumn
 Festive seasons are coming up, adding a highly valued object to my basic wardrobe, essential accessory in any parties outfit!!

Chanel ‘protest’ Show















I find it very hard to concentrate recently, people who has read my about page would have known that I am a Chinese who was born and bought up in Hong Kong. There is a very serious political protest in progress in my birth place right now. I am very worrying about the protest would affect all my friends and family, daily life and safety, in Hong Kong. I hope everything is going back smoothly like in the past.

I always thought that political and fashion are related to each other. I do not know if particular styles indicate liberalism and conservatism, one thing I can be very sure is that fashion has been used in politics as means of consistency and respect. I also think that is Karl Lagerfeld is trying to express from his latest fashion ‘protest’ show at Paris Fashion Week.

With sweater dressing, navy tailoring dresses, pinstripe pieces from head to toe, also watercolour shading every garments from coat lining to boots. The slogan in the show must be ‘ we tend to trust people who talk like us. We also tend to feel comfortable with those who dress like us’. Secretly wish that I had joined the Chanel protest.


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