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Vest/ Zara/ Skirt/ Zara/ Heels/ Topshop/ Bag/ Sophie Hulmes

Stripe print can make you look bigger, wider, fatter, skinnier, thinner or elongate the body shape more!! Horizontal stripe and vertical stripe print can create your look differently. With this stripe print skirt, it definitely makes me look slimmer of my lower part body. I love stripe print because this is so easy to create day and night look and make you look stunning in them. The most I like stripe print is that it can make me look slimmer at some point:))

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Shirt/H&M(mens)/Skirt/H&M trend/Boots/Stella Mccartney

 It was nice to take those photos and get them done early in the morning, better photos:)) Recently, I found shirt is everywhere on street style photo or on models off duty snap shots. I am trying to create this kind of feminine and classic style to send out the inspiration of what to wear now.

  Therefore, shirt, A-line skirt and a pair of heel boots are the essential items of such outfit. you cannot believe how good is the A-line skirt adds a spot of details to enhance this simple outfit until you really try them on. A touch of red lipstick to make yourself feel more feminine.

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Style your over-the-knee boots now

The over- the- knee or thigh- high boots have been a hit since 2009 on runway shows. And I have no surprise that this is one of the footwear trend now. This type of boots is the perfect transition shoe between winter and spring or between summer and autumn. With the unstable UK weather, over- the- knee boots work for every british woman’s ensembles for all times. When come to styling the boots, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is what I associated with. If wear it properly, it looks more like street-style’r’ than street walker.

This is how I style mine:






Why we love it: All time accessories under the weather like Britain. There are also lots of different ways to make your outfits look cool and never out of trend. For example, brown riding boots would be nice to go with skirt and blazer for work or skinny jeans and a chuck sweater for brunch or day time look. Wear the classic black over- the- knee boot with A- line dresses or pencil skirt for work or leggings on the weekend.

How to style it: Over- the- knee or thigh high boots are such a statement piece to accessorise your outfits. Keep everything else in your ensemble e.g. make- up moderated. Balance the look with subtle smokey eyes and costume accessories competing for the attention. These boots are sexy any way you style them.





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My neon jumper is brighting up my tuesday

DSC_0609 DSC_0624 IMG_1744 DSC_2073

Jumper/H&M Trend/ Ripped boyfriend Jeans+Heels/Zara/Silver trousers/H&M/skinny jeans/topshop/boots/jeffery campell

Have not been blogging for a week now. just wondering how’s everyone?:)) I know there is no forgiveness for not blogging for a period of time, it was not because of me being lazy, it just that not very sure of the blog direction and just being confused!! I think everyone must have experienced their confusion in their life including financial, life targets, achievements, relationships or family etc. it just depends on how often is the confusion comes to you. Mine confusion is quite often in my head, being honest with you, today is tuesday, I hope my confusion will be going quickly or sorting out very soon!!

I believe that bright colours would be able to smooth the mood and may be confusion,also spring has arrived, so I found some of my old pictures and new pictures of me wearing neon jumper in different ways. I hope it would help me or someone like you who is suffering a blue tuesday or general confusion, to have a better and brighter mood in our mind.

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