The Rave Print Dress


DSC_5482                                                          Dress/ H&M trend/ Heels/ Isabel Marant/ Bag/ Prada(old)

I had my eyes on this dress for a certain period of time. One night when I was surfing around websites, I found this dress in sale on H& and luckily I get hold of my size:)) Print dress is still a trend for this season, additionally, the colour of this dress has a bit of 70s vibes. I would say this dress is full of the elements of the fall trend. I can imagine to wear a shearling coat and a pair of the knee boots with this dress, then one of the christmas outfit sorted!! Are you with me?:))




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Today Inspiration



                              Source: DailyAlexaChung

  Red has been forecasted as new ‘black’ for this fall. Head- to- toe scarlet is going to replace your little black dress. Scarlet is easily to associate with strength, power and energy, I feel like this kind of red will be guiding us to imagine our hopes and giving us vibrant to get through the dark, cold and cloudy fall winter. This Prada FW14 silk dress  on Alexa Chung is a perfect inspiration in my wish list for fall. Don’t you think so?

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Miu Miu Resort 2015



  High- necked chiffon print blouses, bold graphics in vibrant colours, tailored pants not only wide of leg but also high of waist, are Miu Miu’s latest collection for the Resort 2015. Presenting those youthful and colourful garments which full of seventies punch just the way that the Miu Miu women have shown on the runway show. On top of those crazily desirable shoes and boots, no wonder there are always have the irresistible things to save up for.

 _17G0010.150x226 _17G0032.150x226 _17G0039.150x226 _17G0061.150x226 _17G0089.150x226 _17G0117.150x226 _17G0145.150x226 _17G0174.150x226 _17G0198.150x226 _17G0282-1.150x226 _17G0282.150x226 _17G0316.150x226 _17G0338.150x226 _17G0375.150x226 _17G0414.150x226 _17G0449.150x226 _17G0471.150x226 _17G0507.150x226 _17G0529.150x226 _17G0573.150x226 _17G0604.150x226 _17G0644.150x226 _17G0666.150x226 _17G0699.150x226 _17G0725.150x226

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