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Happy New Year and 2015 Resolution


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Hi Everyone, I can’t believe that my next post here is dated as 2015 already. Time flies!! So what do you think about your 2014? and have you got any resolution in 2015? My 2014 was full of love, happiness and laugh therefore despite my very first resolution is to make my blog to be more successful, I would also like to stay healthy, stay strong and be happy.

This year is going to be an exciting and wonderful year for me and my husband because I am not only looking after my own body, I also need to look after the little one in my tummy, in this case, a healthy diet and suitable amount of exercise are very important to me.

Back to my outfit, my today outfit is all about a mini skirt and over the knee boots. I love to wear over the knee boots for Autumn and Winter because they will keep me warm and easy to go with a lot of wearable outfits during daytime, like skirt or jeans. I also love this kind of grey colour of the boots to make a simple, casual, minimal outfits look outstanding effortlessly.

Thank You for Reading and Have a great weekend everyone !!

Feeling Down










Feeling Down. Yes, I was feeling a little bit down recently, because of a friend said something nasty about me on her personal status on Facebook and let everyone comments about it. Although she had deleted the whole thing afterwards but with no apology and that stills making me feel sad in my deep down.Now, I have decided to leave it and move on.

I like to look back and evaluate myself from time to time, on one hand, I can make sure that my life is on a right track, on another hand,  I have a more clear vision of there are still a lot of friends and family around me who loved me. I am glad that I managed to turn my negativity to my positivity. I guess this is what Emma Watson is talking about recently- Feminist Power !!

Thank You For Reading!! Have a great day whatever you are doing:)) xx








Knitwear with denim dungarees! Very handy, such an easy peezy combination outfit that still looks ok, right? Although denim dungarees are not really a fall item, to be truthful, the material is not thick enough for Autumn weather in the UK. A jacket will be needed when the weather is cooler, which is not a bad idea, from a summer to autumn transitional piece,to, an autumn to winter transitional piece. A way of getting more wear from your dungarees:))

      Thank You For Reading !! 

Leather Legging

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Knitwear/Alexander Wang/Leather Legging/Zara/Heels/D&G/Bag/Fendi(old)

I got this leather legging about 2 months ago from Zara (still available inshore or online). I found the legging is perfect for my everyday wardrobe especially when the weather was still not too warm. As a chinese girl, I born with typical asian body proportion which is our waist has a longer proportion than our legs according to our full body structure.( if you know what I mean!) Therefore it is very hard for me to find a pair of leather leggings with ankle length and in good quality in european countries which are full of women with incredible amazing long legs.

This pair of leather leggings is perfect for me. If I hadn’t wore heels in this outfit I would  have wore my white converse to create a chic and casual look. I also can imagine that this legging is perfect for Autumn 2014.

Hope you enjoy and Thank you for Reading !!