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Feeling Down










Feeling Down. Yes, I was feeling a little bit down recently, because of a friend said something nasty about me on her personal status on Facebook and let everyone comments about it. Although she had deleted the whole thing afterwards but with no apology and that stills making me feel sad in my deep down.Now, I have decided to leave it and move on.

I like to look back and evaluate myself from time to time, on one hand, I can make sure that my life is on a right track, on another hand,  I have a more clear vision of there are still a lot of friends and family around me who loved me. I am glad that I managed to turn my negativity to my positivity. I guess this is what Emma Watson is talking about recently- Feminist Power !!

Thank You For Reading!! Have a great day whatever you are doing:)) xx

My First Attempt

  There were quite a few attempts I been doing this year. My first attempt be a full time house wife part time blogger, my first attempt not to be upset when my dog doesn’t know when to bark and when not to bark. Also, my first attempt being serious taking my outfit photos for my blog. And this time its about my first attempt being this video director and editor.

  Being a director and editor of my own video is much harder than purely running my own blog. I admire those popular you tuber out there, they deserve getting noticed by the crowd from making those amazing videos. I salute you!!

  Here is my first attempt of making my first outfit video, I worked very hard and put a lot of effort on it. I am sure my videos will be getting better and better!! Hope you like the video:))

1st Clip:

Shirt- Topshop

Belt- Isabel Marant x H&M

Shorts- random

Heels- Zara

2nd Clip:

Top- Tosphop

Shorts- Zara

Heels- Isabel Marant

3rd Clip:

Top- Topshop

Blazer- All Saints

Shorts- H&M

Heels- Zara


                                                                               Thank you for Reading!!