Topshop Unique SS15

With Alex Chung, Anna Wintour, Daisy Lowe, Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott, all of the A-list fashion insiders sitting on the front row,  we can fully comprehend that Topshop Unique is one of the most successful fashion show in London Fashion Week. As we all know Topshop is such style setter for our wardrobe, I believe the combination of fashionable and wearable is what Topshop been trying to carry out from their designs.

Wearable Clothes is now the height of fashion, in Topshop Unique SS15 collection you will totally be able to find the element of our everyday outfits. Pieces like sporty tennis dress which you can imagine to wear it to your sunday tennis lessons, nevertheless, off the shoulder and bandeaus tops, which you might wear them for a date with your boyfriends or admirers at a weekend. Also, satin and sheer shimmering mini dresses, most likely will be your outfits essential for friends or family party night out. I would say the collection has all what we need for next spring.

Video/ topshop youtube


While I was watching the unique SS15 show on youtube, I spotted this leopard print skirt from the style of front row. I admire Alexa Chung and I like this leopard print skirt very much too. I am very looking forward for my next delivery and style it around my wardrobe. Do you like the leopard print trend my fashion fanatic readers?:))




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