The Fall’14 Campaign

081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_01 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_02 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_03-1 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_04-1 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_05 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_06 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_07 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_09 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_10 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_12 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_13 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_14 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_16 081114_Best_Fall_Fashion_Ad_Campaigns_slide_17

  Throw back to my university years, advertising was one of my major subject. I was wishing that I could be working in an advertising agency, organising advertising campaign and pitching advert stories to company bosses. After I had graduated, realising that getting a job in advertising agency is as hard as getting a job in fashion industry. Although, I am not able to work in the industry that I want now, I am still very excited to look at all the new advert campaigns in fashion when every season started.What do you think about those fall campaigns?

                                                                         Thank You for Reading!! xx

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