Top/ Topshop/ Scarf(old) / Topshop/ Skirt/ Topshop/ Leather Jacket/ H&M/ Heels/ D&G

The Scarf style has shown on Burberry latest catwalk show for AW14/15. No matter you like to wear scarf round the neck, or cinch a long scarf around the waist with a belt, or to accessorise a plain dress etc. There is a scarf trend for 2014.

If I had to choose how to wear my scarf, I would have it wrap round my neck to accessorise my outfit like the 1950s style. Its your turn. How would you wear yours?:)

Thank You for Reading!! 


      1. love the colour combo! gray is one of my fovruaite colours and the added yellow just brightens it up. i still need to wear scarves here in vancouver but i don’t mind at all because they’re my fovruaite accessories :)great find, muhsine 🙂


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