Leather Legging

DSC_3390 DSC_3387DSC_3362_2 DSC_3367 DSC_3370_2DSC_3365 DSC_3373

Knitwear/Alexander Wang/Leather Legging/Zara/Heels/D&G/Bag/Fendi(old)

I got this leather legging about 2 months ago from Zara (still available inshore or online). I found the legging is perfect for my everyday wardrobe especially when the weather was still not too warm. As a chinese girl, I born with typical asian body proportion which is our waist has a longer proportion than our legs according to our full body structure.( if you know what I mean!) Therefore it is very hard for me to find a pair of leather leggings with ankle length and in good quality in european countries which are full of women with incredible amazing long legs.

This pair of leather leggings is perfect for me. If I hadn’t wore heels in this outfit I would  have wore my white converse to create a chic and casual look. I also can imagine that this legging is perfect for Autumn 2014.

Hope you enjoy and Thank you for Reading !!


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