Today Inspiration

tumblr_n4sgcvBdLT1rmfv8to1_250 COTR T and Co superthumb main-9.original.466x530 Vogue Who-What-Wear-Blog-Floral-Inspiration-Elle-Czech-Republic-May-2014-2 tumblr_n3k9mm_J22l1qahy1wo1_1280 main-7.original.466x530 main-8.original.466x530 main.original

 This is only a quick post of the day. It is a shame that I don’t have much time to blog this week. Wish that I could stay in and blog all day!!Please follow me on Instagram @ bessieyeungby, will keep you update trend inspiration,fashion inspiration and what I see everyday to inspire my life!! Those pictures of the above has inspired my style of what I wear recently and I hope this post would inspire you today as mush as it did to me!!

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend xx

                         Thank you for Reading!! xx

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