Is trainer trend your trend in 2014?

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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 12, 2014Timages-1



  The catwalk, the street style, off-duty models are all with their trainers on. This trend has been spotted from Oxford Street to Bond Street, with old school New Balance to light pink classic Valentino. The options are endless.

Trainers have become the champion of the trend. No matter what outfit you are wearing: the full-length skirt, glamorous outfits, classic wide-leg black trousers, leggings, boyfriend jeans etc. A pair of trainers is essential for trend 2014. According to New Balance’s Marketing Director, Graham Dickens, ‘ Sneaker culture has been embraced by the fashion community’ quote from article- hooray for happy feet: why trainers will be the big shoe trend of 2014 from

The new running shoe trend is not only menswear vital, but also women’s fundamental look of the year. Many years after the Ice Age, ancient civilization saw clothing and footwear as sign of power and status in society. No wonder why, we can find a pair of trainers from Netaporter costing 800 pounds. Despite choosing the ones that suit our style, we also have to choose the ones that suit our bank balance.

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