This is an alternative of Chanel Espadrilles.Love it!!



I been looking for a pair of Chanel Espadrilles since february, unfortunately, there is nothing available online and Im living so far away from all the big city with concession/store selling chanel so I have no choice but went to manchester 2 weeks ago for a pair of chanel espadrilles. The thing is, there is no million ways that I would be able to fit in a tiny last pair of size 2 and the next production of a pair of espadrilles would be next season which means that SS13 espadrilles has stopped production already!!

Until Last week, I found this pair of gorgeous Tory Burch denim Espadrilles from online, I love purchasing from Tory Burch official website, good service and free shipping, which are our bloggers and online shoppers needed when shopping online. Now I just need a pair of two tone jeans from Zara to finish the look:))

Thanks for Reading x

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