What are you wearing under the saturday sun?

  vegabond-infoEveryone who knows me would know that I barely would have time to blog during the weekend as I work mostly during the weekend til late so get out from bed and blog at the weekend morning is totally the hardest thing I can do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 However, this beautiful Saturday morning has just turned things round, I got up early and thinking about what will people be wearing in this beautiful Saturday sun and then my head gone blank because I can only think of myself what I will be wearing not other people haha, I am just a so typical girl!!! eeek!!

Pretty weather like this I love to wear something casual but classic, however this is england and its april which means that we are not able to wear filpfrop yet. Just found this brand on ASOS, which transforming shoes in style and comfy. Hope this help for someone like me who could not think of what shoes to go out with in this summer:))

Happy Saturday to who will be and will not be at work!! x

Thanks for Reading x

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