I am a Sunny Girl

DSC_2034 DSC_2052_2 DSC_2044

Jacket/ Mango/ Denim shirt/ Gap/ Boyfriend Jeans/ Zara/ Trainers/ Converse

Today is a sunny day and it was my day off too,so I can show you readers of a outfit I wore of the day. Denim is full of everywhere in this season, also animal print. Therefore, I have Leopard and Denim today eeeek!!( I know I have just said something that everyone could see in the picture.) All I wanted to do is introducing animal print+denim do make a style and it is a big trend of this season. May be you readers can try something like that in this season too!!:))

Also, there are so many nice animal print jackets are available in most of the high street stores at the moment. Like there is one from H&M trend is very similar as Stella Mccartney. Wish that I was tall enough to carry the lovely leopard print jacket from H&M.

Thanks for reading!! x

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