The moment of HK 2013





The day light dimmed, beautiful lighting flashing from those peach blossom trees all over the plaza and all you can hear are noises and very penetrating ding-ding sound comes from traditional tram not far from the plaza in Hong Kong, then, you know you are situated at a center point of causeway bay-

Times Square.

I remembered when I was still living in HK I love to come here to look around the unique outstanding decorations, jealous about those pretty posh women go in and out from Lane Crawford. I also have always dreaming about I would be squeezed on a bench in the front row between Stella Mccartney and Alexander Mcqueen at a fashion show inside Lane Crawford. I mean who doesn’t want to look like one of the runway girl in their tailor fitted jacket and skinny black jeans with a pair of fly high heels?

Today, I wasn’t in my heels, black jeans or fitted jacket but in a Mango top, H&M trousers and a pair of Isabel Marant boots, on a bright side, I am already getting a little bit closer of my dream.

Thanks for Reading!! xxx

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