Leopard print


Coat/ (old)H&M, Ankle boots/ (old) Topshop

I found this old picture from my Facebook, it was taken when I was in New York 2010. It wasn’t a very great trip because it was my first time in NYC and didnt know where to visit and see, but, the history museum where Carrie Bradshaw was getting married with Mr. Big in sex and the city movie which is one of my all time favorite movies .

The picture was taken outside the museum and Im so pleased that I took quite a few decent pictures when I was in NYC so that i can show one of them on my blog while Im still heavily jet nagging in Hong Kong now. Just give me a little bit of time, I believe that I will be able to find the rest of the pictures.

Thanks for Reading!! x


  1. I also had my first trip to New York in 2010, and I agree that the first time feels quite hectic since you don’t really know where to go. I love this picture of you. That coat is absolutely gorgeous! xxx


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