The last weekend of October’12


Dress/H&M Trend, Cover up/ Topshop(old), Heels/Zara, Earrings/H&M Trend

I didnt blog for a little while this week, this is very unusal of me, the last weekend of October in 2012 was a very remarkable weekend in my life as I have had witness one of my good friend to marry her beloved fiancee at a fairy tale style wedding venue, beside, I also been to The universal studio of Harry Porter with our family friends and has had a great and fun nite out together!! I would say it was my best weekend in 2012 so far, except we have had quite a serious car crash on our way home. Thanks god that everyone was fine in the car (pray,pray,pray,pray) and It just the car needs to write off!!

I feel very lucky from this accident and that I can still be blogging about fashion in front of my computer, so that from now on I will blog as much as I can, work hard and keep chasing my dream in fashion until the day I cant!!

Thanks for reading!!


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