Counterfeit online site


– This is a pair of Isabel Marant ankle boots I bought from Harvey Nicole Leeds last week. It comes in a quality Isabel Marant shoe box and a cotton bag inside the shoe box. 


– This is the counterfeit pair which comes in lousy packaging and very bad quaity.

I love online shopping, especially with the place that I am living now, fashion retail nets are the best place to buy something I want because I can find fashion from designer brand to high street on internet without walking from town to town, however, not every single website is trustworthy…..

I bought a pair of Isabel Marant signature ankle boots from a counterfeit website recently, which i did not know it in the first place until I have had received my delivery, i am now still dealing with this problem with that website. They promised to refund most of the money to me about 3 weeks ago and I am still not receiving the money yet:((((

Hopefully, my case would give everybody an extra awareness of those counterfeit websites on the internet world and no more victims like me please!!!

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