My Zara summer sale picked 2012

I am glad that now i can talk about my interest, my hobbies and experiences on my blog. I been wanting to be a blogger or to do blogging since 2006 when I first saw the fashion blogs like carolinesmode and stylespot, however, because of my career wasnt going really well by the time and I had my own things lined up therefore I didnt start until now.

I am happy that I took my first step and now making me think how to promote my blog successfully like what other fashion blogs do. I used to have a fashion boutique in hull and I am planning to sell my old stocks on ebay, make those old stocks turning into cash, I hope I can promote my blog in there. i will try to start my twitter soon hopefully it could be my one of the successful social media channel to promote my blog!!

As I have mentioned on my previous post, I love fashion:)) as every other girls does, especially when it comes to summer sale yayyyyy!! However, because of too many stocks, too crowded or too messy when everyone is trying to look for good pieces in sale area, sometimes you wouldnt be able to find what you want or like. these are the few pieces I think are essential to pick from Zara sale and worth in this sale prices xxxx

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